My travel guide

I want to walk the streets of paris and eat a french baguette.
I want to see Big Ben and sit on the sidewalk outside the brittish queens castle.
I want to eat real italian pasta and see the view of Amalfi coastline.
I want to walk on a beach in Argentina and see a real argentine tango routine.
I want to drink wine from Chile and see the vineyards.
I want to buy spices at an Indian market and have golden henna tattoos all over me.
I want to climb the Egyptian pyramides and walk down the catacombs.
I want to be a part in a spanish caravan and I want to learn a few steps of flamenco.
I want to see the statue of liberty and I want to paint the skyline of new york.
I want to sit in a real finish sauna and take a dip in the cold baltic sea.
I want to ride a icelandic horse up to a volcano and cook pasta in a geyser.
I want to bathe in the purest water in The Philipines and get a golden long lasting tan.
I want to walk the great wall of China and I want to be able to order food in chinese.
I want to fall asleep in a bungalow on Fiji and swim with the fishes in the clear deep blue sea.
I want to fly in a helicopter over Sydney and sail over the Great Barrier Reef.
I want to swim by the Golden Bay at Malta and I want to visit the Blue Lagoon.
I want to meet the local residents of South africa and learn how to carry food on my head.
I want to have a picknic on the world biggest glacier and catch a fish through a hole in the ice.
I want to be a giant at legoland and eat proper danish wienerbrød.
I want to walk the forests of Brazil and take a shower in their huge waterfalls.
I want to kiss Mr. Brad Pitt's boulevard star and I want to take a cliché photo of myself in front of Hollywood sign.

Wanna come with? :)


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